THINK AHEAD – Know how you are getting where you are going and home if you are going to drink.  What are you going to drink?  How safe is it?  Can you afford it?

EAT – A good night out should always begin and sometimes also end with some healthy food.

DRINK – Water is important.  It will replenish the body’s water supply after a night of drinking alcohol and stop dehydration.

START IT SLOW – Try non or low alcohol to start with, drink slowly.  Drink water or non-alcohol drinks in between alcohol.

BE SAFE – Whoever, whenever, wherever.  Alcohol can have an impact on engaging in risky behaviour.  Respect yourself and others.

“Making a decision to cut down on your drinking is about recognising how you and others feel about your drinking.  If bad things tend to happen when you drink or your friends and family have suggested you look at your drinking, it might be time to make a change” – Health Promotion Agency

Posted: Tue 28 Jan 2014