Talking and listening are essential to understanding and supporting one another

Asking for help can make us feel vulnerable but we are all worthy of support in our lives and relationships.

It’s not easy being a teenager in today’s world. From depression & eating disorders to bullying & self harm, teens grapple with a wide range of issues as they grow and develop.

No matter how some teenagers seem to withdraw, want to be independent or how troubled they are, they still need support and to be loved without judgement.

Turning mistakes into lessons and fears into hopes can be done.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you may know nothing about. Try to be kind, think before you judge. Help is out there whether it is for you or someone you are worried about. Don’t wait, reach out. Talk to someone you trust, a family member, friend, your doctor or nurse, school counsellor or youth leader. There is always someone who will care.

Posted: Tue 01 Oct 2013