Seek help if you are a victim of violence

When young people date or are in an intimate relationship they may lack the skills or experience to communicate their needs and expectations adequately.

Some young men and women may expect to be “in charge” in a relationship and assume their partners will accept this.

Differences of opinion can quickly become abusive and violent.

Young people of both sexes may be forced, manipulated or coerced into unwanted sexual activities.

Many victims are reluctant to let adults know they have been abused. They may be fearful of the reaction and consequences or they may believe that they are to blame in some way.

Learn about your rights and responsibilities in a relationship.

Know where to get more information

Talk to someone you trust. Always speak up and seek help if you are a victim of violence (physical, sexual, emotional or verbal). Who you can call:

Taupo Women’s Refuge - 377 1055

Maori Women’s Refuge - 3785207

Taupo Police – 3786060

Turangi police – 3867709

In an emergency ring 111

Youthline – 0800 376 633

Lifeline – 0800 543 354

Family Violence Helpline – 0800 456 450

Posted: Mon 12 Aug 2013